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Our services

Except development of web-sites, we execute the row of services that presentation below yet.

Order of web-site creation

Upon receipt ordering and discussion from the customer of basic functions and idea of web-site, our specialists the layout of design of web-site (a few variants are possible) is developed. Term of implementation 2-3 days.

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Web-sites promotion and SEO optimization

SEO optimization is a complex of the actions, sent to advancement of your web-site in the searching systems and, in particular, on the improvement of his visibility in the searching systems at having a special purpose queries.

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Sites trnslation and localizsation

Translation of web-site - text of web-site Translation and his adaptation to the features of having a special purpose segment (a result is translation of web-site in the format of документа of Microsoft Word).

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Development of web-sites and their complex advancement...

Specialization of our studio is creation of web-sites most answering wishes and requirements of customer. One of basic factors of success of web-site is quality of his making. All must be high-level and associate. Not a single least detail must be missed out. Comfortable system of navigation, pleasant, not obtrusive design. Comfortable location of materials both text and graphic. Creation of web-site self on itself business is labour intensive enough and responsible. It requires serious approach both from the side of specialists of creating a web-site and from the side of customer. In fact web-site of company this her face in a network the Internet, representative office or simply business card of company.In creation of web-site and his further advancement(it is yet named untwisting of web-site), the certain are inlaid material рессурсы, that farther more must in full will be recompensed. The specialists of our studio of design web have large experience in area of creation of web-sites and their advancement, what our portfolio testifies about.

Our facilities and environments of development of web-sites

At development of web-sites of any complication, we use the most modern environments of development.

What is creation of web-site however needed for?

Thus let us understand that and why does a web-site need exactly to you? For what in general are web-sites created to the web? To declare about the company or services it is simple not enough to work out a web-site. Before to create a web web-site, it is necessary clearly to define, direction of activity and tasks that this resource must execute, what functions he is called to execute and what facilities it follows to use for the achievement of the put tasks.

Thus a design and functionality must not contradiction to each other and to be mutually constrained. An user, calling on a web web-site, must at once understand where he is and че it really that he needs. The clear and comfortable placing of material is a mortgage of success of web of web-site and guarantee of that a potential client will not abandon a web-site, at once.

There will be this representative internet-office is a web business "card" of Your company, or portal system, and maybe this will be an e-shop, in any case development of web-site is always begun with development of him general conception and technical project. Corporate web a web-site can execute next basic functions: " presentation of company (organizations) on the whole; " advertisement of concrete commodity, service or trade mark; " presentation of separate commercial or informative project.

Thus that it is needed for quality and timely creation of web of web-site. During the search of conception of web-site such factors are taken into account, as character of target audience of your web of web-site and the most best for her forms and style of receipt of information, and also features of competition environment.

On the basis of analysis of information, mark tasks and wishes of customer the specialists of our company can create a technical project for creation of your web of web-site. A web a web-site gives to you row of additional possibilities by means of that a company moves up to the market. What will allow to overcome him greater part and as a result to increase an income. A web-site can not exist without his further support.

Necessary permanent renewal of materials, modernisation of design of web-site and him functional part. We will attach at most efforts, that you remained pleasure your web-site, and, that he was of to you the use. We always the personal interest in a mutually advantageous collaboration that will bring a benefit to us and to our clients.