Corporate sites creation


Duties and functions of corporate site.

Historically companies paid a regard to the Internet, as on the mean of grant information for great masses. Representative offices in the Internet were on the first stage only by publicity - the odnonapravlennyy stream of information went. Then possibilities the Internet began to be utillized wider - a stream became bilateral. A site in a network began to be examined as an instrument - in the beginning only for socializing with clients, and then and for organization of business on the whole. About "Internetbusiness" heard everywhere. In theory now the "living" representatives of customer and performer, and also their corporate systems, communicate between itself not only. Although in reality, especially in Russia, all is not so smoothly, and frequently expenses on mastering of new instruments of business exceed a benefit from their use.

To talk about an abstract corporate site - however, that to reason about some "middle" company. At different companies are different tasks, biznes-modeli, accordingly and sites. However at the obvious external differences of every site, it is possible to select the row of identical functions which on him are laid. To them it is possible to take followings:
Report information to the user;
Advancement of products and services of company;
Co-operating with the outer world.
For a necessary information retrieval in global Network it is enough to take advantage of some searching system, to enter a key value (sought after partial word) and initialize a query (simpler speaking, to "push" the proper button in the window of WEB-). Among hundreds, and can be and thousands of documents on an interesting subject it is always possible to find necessary. And if is a necessary document on a site? A remote user gets the sought after information and, utillizing, for example, Refs.s and menu of site, hears about decisions, becomes the client of company, and can a permanent client, partner, dealer, investor.

We will consider basic functions, laid on a corporate site more detailed.

Folded historically, that development of representative Internetoffices foremost, had the brightly expressed setting of raising of image of firms. Indeed, back about 10 the presence of address of site and address of e-mail on the visiting-card of employee talked a great deal about a firm. In our time presence of similar information on visiting-cards, selling aids is in itself understood, and absence causes at times bewilderment and proper ideas about the "lack" of seriousness of organization. Thus, even the self presence of site is lifted by the image of firm.
Today it is not quite enough to talk about a role only fact of presence of site in raising of image of organization. At availability the Internet maintenance of information, given the remote visitor of representative Internetoffice, both design and sense, both style and quality of the given documents, is important yet and.
Present that does visitor, first getting in Your office. Foremost, he casts a glance an apartment. Seeing a necessity (exhibition stand with the standards of products, selling aids and t. of d.), he sets questions a secretary, manager, salesman, consultant in a hope to get interesting information... It is possible yet much to transfer constituents which determine the "face" of firm. The internal design of Your office, style of presentation of commodities, services, decisions of organization, behaves to them. These and many other ways of raising of image, foremost, are determined style of conduct of business, concrete niche of clients. By investigation of the transferred factors, as, however, et al, there is business success and increase of incomes.
What can be expected from realization of imidzhingovoy of constituent by Your corporate site? Just enough great deal. It is not necessary to build illusions, considering that only this constituent suffices and only it one will bring you success. It is needed to remember that after the "first acquaintance" with a client enough tedious work, time and efforts, is required. They, as a rule, the costs of the discussed decision are straight proportional and depend on the great number of objective and subjective factors. Basic task which is put during realization of "imidzhingovoy" of constituent - to interest, draw a custom, get the first contact information, necessary for further work. Therefore, from one side, it is impossible to talk about "complete automation" of process, from other side, if you got certain questions and contact co-ordinates of target audience, it is possible to consider that Your representative Internetoffice and image of firm, presented in Global Network realized well enough.
The degree of realization of "imidzhingovoy" of constituent is determined not only the number of appeals but also many other factors - by positions of Your site in ratings of the searching systems and... by a that image which has Your firm in the existent niche of clients.


Inalienable part of any business is advertising. It is not needed to bring fully a phrase over about a "engine..". The publicity constituent of Your corporate site can and must be realized!
Any organization has selling aids, even, if it... does not conduct commercial activity (for example, noncommercial organizations with the purpose of bringing in of investments often advertise the activity in the Internet). There is a person (group of persons, appropriate department) in any organization, straight or indirectly "responsible" for the conduct of publicity activity.
Modern facilities of WEB-, possibilities of HTML, graphs, flash, Java et cetera are practically unlimited for creation of any selling aids which can be presented on Your corporate site. It is not needed to defend the point of view about "lightness and advertising unobtrusiveness", to bring the certain personal supervisions over and self-controls from manuals. Possibly you deem it wise other style, very opposite, as exactly he is acceptable in Your business and brings in a return.
What advertising is possible? At first, any selling aids, created on the pages of site, containing graphic arts, phototypographs animations, video, flash, java are applets, accessible to the visitor in the mode of On-line. Secondly, any materials which can be kept on a server in files any comfortable for the potential niche of Your clients formats. Such materials can be copied on the remote computers of visitors of Your site and looked over in the mode of Off-line. In - third, except for a grant the visitor of information of selling aids, the leadthrough of whole publicity actions is possible: free distribution of some versions of software, producible a firm, entries in a bannernye network (information about Your organization on certain terms can be placed on the haunted sites) et cetera As advertising can be examined announcing all of measures, conducted "outside the Internet". Your advertising in Global Network is not something isolated, it can and must be plugged in the plan of measures, compilable an appropriate department!

An advertising theme in the Internet, described in this section, closely intersects with the theme of search, work and support of clients. It is related to that methods of "advising" are about certain measures, news et cetera Such methods deliveries are, foremost, by e-mail. It is not necessary to mix up similar deliveries with SPAM-, by the violation of network ethics acknowledged a long ago. The example of such advertising are periodically entering Your mailbox reports and suggestions, quite not necessary you and more frequent causing an irritation only.
For organization of deliveries, including information of publicity character on Your corporate site can and it is needed to give a visitor the simultaneously followings possibilities:
Possibility of voluntarily registration of the address of e-mail a client is in a mailing list;
Possibility of voluntary abandonment from delivery.
These two possibilities need to be taken and to "imidzhingovoy" of constituent. It is possible to utillize for organization of deliveries (not Spam-a!), for example: possibilities of CGI-.
What is it necessary to expect from the publicity constituent of corporate site? Togo, that is expected and from the "ordinary" advertising, conducted "outside the Internet", - foremost, increases of number of appeals of clients, anchorman to the increase of incomes. Study and analysis of "source" of appeals (a secretary, manager or salesman, found out from where a client knew about a firm, and a responsible person or circle of persons conducted an analysis), allows to draw a conclusion about efficiency of advertising, including in the Internet.
From other side, in most business areas it is impossible to "lay" all of functions of advertising only on the representative office of company in Global Network.
Advertising on a site and publicity actions in the Internet are only inalienable part of plan of promotional purposes!


Depending on the sort of Your business, concrete market of commodities and services, niches of clients a corporate site can and must execute one or another marketings functions. In any case simply enough technically to organize collection of information about the appeals of remote users, their necessities. Automation of process of determination of the real contact co-ordinates of target audiences is possible. For example, it is possible "unobtrusively to suggest" to give answers for the small number of questions of questionnaire and cleanly technically to realize possibility of access to one or another sections of information, only after that, when a questionnaire will be filled. From one side, a similar reception is effective enough. If the remote visitor of Your corporate site indeed needs this information, he will answer questions necessarily. From other side, it is not needed to forget that if the number of questions is great, questions are put uncorrectly or on some reason a remote visitor does not want to give some answers, necessary information (price-list, technical descriptions, demoversii products, detailed descriptions of commodities and services) can be got on the site of Your competitors. Exist et al, quite hidden from the visitors of Your site mechanisms of automation of collection of information about visitors.
Organization of forums which can be examined not only as part of imidzhingovoy and by publicity constituents is effective enough, and not only as a certain mechanism of organization of work with clients. A forum is given by possibility to say of the opinion the remote users of the commodities and services moved forward by you, to get answers for interesting questions from other users. From other side, opened forum and information which is abandoned by Your real or potential clients, conclusions allow to do its competent analysis about the rightness of the line of advancement of commodities and services chosen by you, efficiency of one or another constituents of Your business, real advantages and lacks of Your decisions.
There are another ways of collection of information about visitors Your the Internet is representative offices, its systematizations. Depending on Your real decisions, expected incomes, estimations of risks of investments cost of realization of one or another marketings mechanisms of Your representative Internetoffice, a degree of automation can be different. If necessary, for example, it is possible to utillize CGI are appendixes, possibilities of SUBD by appointment of the information and possibility of "higher" above SUBD applications, having necessary logic of not only queries but also statistical calculations brought in a client, analysis and other great deal.

In any case, it is necessary to expect from the marketing constituent of corporate site, foremost, collection of information, being a "feedstock" for further treatment and analysis. Speech goes about a market analysis, allowing to draw a conclusion and accept decision about claimed of one or another commodities and services, development of line of their advancement, possible adjustment of present methods and methods and development of new decisions. A competent analysis allows grounded to develop a price policy, prepare publicity actions in one or another niche of clients, to define the new niches of clients and even new perspective markets. Due to availability there is the Internet, it is possible and it is needed to talk about advancement of Your decisions in regions and development of one or another line, taking into account the features of regional markets. It far not complete list.
Speaking about possibility of automation of biznes-processov, it is necessary to mark that, at first, expenses must be economic grounded, and secondly, about "complete or almost complete" automation it is possible to talk only in application to the small number of directions of business. Think, you will accede to that presence of the excellent book-keeping program or control the system by an enterprise, including the book-keeping module, never fully will replace the real workers of book-keeping. Similar facilities are only an effective instrument, helping to decide a concrete task. Marketings constituents, present on Your corporate site, must be part of the planned activity and scarcely able to exist out of general marketing line of Your business, as, however, and self the Internet -representative.


So internet a site allows:

  1. To present a company the large number of users.
  2. Enables to show products or services of company.
  3. In detail informs about a company, presents its conception, style.