Prices on sites creation


Prices on our services...


Prices in every case can menyatsya and zavisyat' from complication and volume of vipolnyaemykh works.
All airs of payments are assumed.

Prices on sites creation:

  • Site-business card
    Such site is called to give a general grant about you or to Your company in a comfortable and clear form. The amount of pages of site-business card does not exceed p'yati usually, maksimum to seven, and comfortable and clear structure simplify a navigation on a site. The form of reverse sv'yazi is present.

    Cost of creation of site-business card - from 150 $.


  • Corporate site
    Corporate site - it Your valuable the internet representative office, plugging in itself description of activity of Your company, giving a visitor possibility will familiarize with all of types of services, given Your firm. Usually such site plugs in itself at least 15 pages and a few sections. At pleasure zakzchika it is possible to set control the system soderzhimim (CMS).

    Cost of creation of corporate site - from 350$ .
    More detailed about a corporate site


  • Internetcatalogue
    In an internetcatalogue for frequent information is laid out for target audiences about products and services of Your company in a comfortable for viewing form. The volume of internetcatalogue depends on an amount and variety of the offered products and services.

    Cost of creation of internetcatalogue - from 370$.


  • Internetshop
    Internet shop on the essence is Your point-of-sale point in a network the Internet with a virtual window and possibility on-line of order of commodities. Internet
    a shop is a reliable and effective instrument for a sale Your
    commodities and grant of services.

    Cost of creation of internetshop - from 400$.


  • Web-portal
    A web-portal is a powerful instrument, for placing and advancement of different informative materials, pluggings in itself the great number of different services, befits for placing of large volumes of information,
    and similarly facilities of effective management and search.

    Cost of creation of web-portal - from 500 $.

    More detailed about a Web-portal


  • Additionally
    Guest book - 30 $.
    Photogallery - 50 $.
    Forum - 70 $.
    Catalogue - 100 $.
    Depository of files - 30 $.

Prices on banners creation:

Prices can will change in dependence
from complication and volume of executable works.

Static banner - 88 31 px - 8 $.
Static banner - 468 60 px - 15 $.
Animated banner GIF - 88 31 px - 10 $.
Animated banner GIF - 468 60 px - 20 $.
Animated banner FLASH (size by order) - 20 $.