Sites promotion and optimisation


Promotion of site is a complex of actions, directed on advancement of Your site in the searching systems and, in particular, on the improvement of his visibility in searching machines at having a special purpose queries. Here not only registration of site in search engines but also optimization of his maintenance has an important value under the searching systems.

Promotion of site &
site publicity advancement.

A site, optimized to the systems of search, contains in the texts the proper set of keywords and phrases which characterize his subject. On this aspect the amount of visits of site depends in a great deal.

Publicity advancement.

Efficiency of publicity campaign in a network the Internet is determined those, as far as attractive one advertising, and as far as successfully select places its placing. The web-design studio CREATIVE will find publicity grounds most suitable for placing of Your advertising. We will make the texts of tear-sheets and will make banners, directed on the scope of different groups of Your having a special purpose audience. Before realization of basic publicity campaign we preliminary will conduct a test campaign and will analyse its results. On the basis of this analysis we will plan and will realize the maximally effective publicity campaign of Your site. One of types of advertising is thematic advancement. It placing of information about Your site on the thematic resources of the Internet, useful from point of bringing in audience. In their number there can be both thematic portals and catalogues of resources with the prepared services of registration of sites of certain subject. Having a special purpose visitors can be attracted, placing the information on the thematic boards of bulletins and publishing information in electronics MASS-MEDIA.


So internet a site allows:

  1. To present a company the large number of users.
  2. Enables to show products or services of company.
  3. In detail informs about a company, presents its conception, style.