Sequence of site creation


Creation of site is carried out in the following sequence:

After the receipt of order and discussion with the customer of basic functions and idea of site, our specialists are develop the model of design of site (a few variants are possible). Term of execution 3-5 days. Whereupon specialists on a design offer to the customer two models of site, (models are laid out on our site). The chosen model is finished off in accordance with the wishes of customer. Along go work on preparation of materials (phototypographs pictures, audio, video et cetera). Material can be given both a customer and to sneak up our specialists. The make-up of site, programming of his separate components, begins after preparation of all of materials. The prepared site is tested and checked up in the presence of errors. After a concordance with a customer a site takes a place in a network the Internet on khostinge given by us or all of initial files is passed to the customer. Similarly after creation of site his accompaniment is possible. A favour includes optimization of site for the searching systems, his registration in thematic catalogues, bannernayu advertising placing of reasons and news on biggest-selling publicity grounds et cetera The update of site is also made - necessary amendments and supplements are brought in, the timely update of materials is conducted, added and brushes up information in databases.