Sites translation and localization. Site redesign.


What "translation of web site" and "localization of web site"? What is a difference in between these concepts?


Translation and localization of site...

Sites translation - Text of site translation and his adaptation to the features of having a special purpose segment (a result is a translation of site in the format of document of Microsoft Word). HTML- (results are HTML- with a translation also and the unrepresented text). Replacement of text on images and in the files of format of Flash and in other multimedia formats (results are files in the proper formats).

At localization of sites basic support is done not on the rightness of transmission of maintenance of phototypograph but upon basic searching requests. Even taking into account widespread errors. For example, analysing searching queries on a word "translation", it is possible to meet the "bureau of translations", and "agency of translations", and "agenstvo translations" and even "bureau of pervodov". Thus, translating of texts (content) of site can not be named a translation in the traditional understanding. Rather it, transmission of maintenance of site (his concrete pages) taking into account a specific the Internet, searching queries, local features of the use of words and combinations of words. These measures of napravlenny on further successful indexation of the translated page by search engines.

Besides it, the translation of not only web site but also other objects is executed: buttons, menu, flesh-zastavok, and also koda of site - invisible the user of headings, meta-tegov et al his areas, mattering very much at advancement of site in the searching systems.

Work with a site is usually executed in a few stages:

1. Content translation. Translation of basic (visible a reader) maintenance of site.

2. Localization of site - translation of the invisible modules, and also phototypograph which a visitor can see as a result of one or another actions, producible on a site. For example: wrong entered password, filling of forms, dispatch of reports etc.

3. Optimisation of site - under the "interested" visitor. Conducted analysis of keywords on the subject of site in accordance with which podbivaet'sya content. Osuschestvlyaet'sya correction of html koda for the best indexation searching robots.

4. Site redesign - it is a complete or partial change of design of site. At will of customer the specialists of our studio will prepare the model of new site with bolle by a fresh and modern design but with the maintainance of general structure of site and set of his functional possibilities. Possibly, also complete change of graphic registration and structure of site.

5. Assembling of site - direct insertion of the translated text in html pages, CMS of the system, flesh-zastavki etc.

6. Testing of site - verification of capacity of the translated version of site.

7. Support of site - osuschestvlyaet'sya at will of customer. In support a site the daily or weekly translation of texts enters published on a web site. Also by arrangement can offer untwisting of site on offered by you to the searching words.

So internet a site allows:

  1. To present a company the large number of users.
  2. Enables to show products or services of company.
  3. In detail informs about a company, presents its conception, style.